Nicholas Moore

Nicholas Moore combines his background in interactive multimedia, multidisciplinary knowledge in user experience, and passion for creating immersive experiences to help support digital efforts for various businesses, organizations, and brands. The pursuit of his degree at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), while game design centric, invoked a deep love for all applications of creative design, performance based programming, and engrossing storytelling. He has honed these skills after 10 years in the digital marketing space, and added data oriented design and third party interface integration to his interactive multimedia toolbox.

Nicholas Moore

The Coder

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Url Parameter Getter/Setter

An ES6 factory used to get and set url parameters.

KML Parser

Various functions used to parse KML data and store in JSON, database, etc.

Add/Remove Input Row

Functionality for adding and removing rows with corresponding templates.

Search Filter

Search filter structure with category dropdown, input search, load more (with infinite scroll), sorting. Requires ajax to grab searched data.